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Hey every body!

This is RugBaby, a multiplayer infinite runner in which you must collaborate with your friends to escape from the royal french army... Also you must avoid obstacles... Oh and throw the prince to your friends (yeah you kidnapped him)... You must bring the kid to England to end this war!

All in a frenchy-cartonny fashion, struggle to aim at your friend and watch this rubbery baby bounce everywhere, help your friends out of prison! Did i tell you to be careful to not hit an obstacle?! Or you'll be stunned until you're freed of prison by your friends! Oh also don't get hit by an arrow, that hurts! Also guards, they are mean to Englishmen! 

By the way you can unlock skins by doing achievements!

Assets made by :


This project has been programmed and animated by:

Julien Guillochon

Silouane Lantoine

François Moraine

Pierre Mizzi

Sound design and score by:

Alexandre Bouadroune

Benjamin Buzzi

Maxime Vatopoulos

It's definitively still in development this was a project made withing 2 weeks of programming during our ISART scholarship, there are glitches but i plan to polish it a bit in my free time ! :)

This game needs to be played with xbox controllers.

Install instructions

Just extract and run the .exe, Have fun! :) 


Rugbaby_GOLD_V1.01.zip 60 MB

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