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Today i share with you this student project in which we had to program a Rush-like from two tribes.

In this game you have to solve puzzles with dynamic tiles giving behaviors to your cubes when they roll ontop of them.

As a student project it lacks of any tutorial or depth full game design (and probably a bug or 2 ), though you'll have few levels to try out the core gameplay of the game in a unique meme-filled Retrowave/vaporwave design!

The controls are simple: use right click / arrows to move the camera around the map. Click on a tile to select it, click on it a second time to deselect it, click on action phase to make the cube spawn and roll their way towards the targets with your help... or not ;)

Anyway, Enjoy and have fun!

Install instructions

Un-zip the game, put the folder RushingInThe90s somewhere in your desktop, then launch RushingInThe90s.exe inside the folder.

Enjoy the game, any feedback is appreciated.


RushingInThe90s.7z 26 MB

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